4 Surfacing Materials For Sports Courts that You Can Upgrade To!

4 Surfacing Materials For Sports Courts that You Can Upgrade To!

Sports surfacing materials are used to provide a safe and durable surface for athletic activities. These surfacing materials can be made of rubber, polyurethane, or other synthetic material such as vinyl. There are many different surfacing options available, depending on the needs of the facility and the desired use of the court. For example, you may want to upgrade your surfacing:

  • If it is not performing well anymore,
  • If you need an area with softer falls, or
  • If you want a site that can withstand heavy wear-and-tear from professional sports teams practicing on it every day.

The surfacing options listed below will help give you some ideas about what might work best for your project.

1) Acrylotex Sports Coating

This surfacing option is a water-based acrylic paint that provides an anti-slip surface. It can be applied to all sports flooring and surfaces, including asphalt and concrete courts. The coating gives floors the same benefits as other surfacing options, such as shock absorbency, long life span, high traction levels for safety, and low maintenance. This one is very cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain.

2) Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing is similar to asphalt, but it has a lot more benefits for sports floors. This option can be used on all types of surfaces, including basketball courts and tennis courts. Rubber surfacing provides good shock absorbency, which decreases the risk of injury during intense games or practices.

The rubber surfacing is also very easy to clean up if there are any spills on your sports flooring surface because it is a highly durable surfacing material. They are the most popular surfacing options because they offer so much versatility in look and feel, depending on what you are looking for.

3) Acrylic Resurfacer

An acrylic surfacing option is an excellent choice for a court surfacing material because it provides you with the look and feel of having a professional sports floor installed in your facility. Acrylic surfacing materials are highly durable, so they can be used on basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and more without any issue. They work well in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

This surfacing material is quite affordable and offers many benefits. It also comes in various thicknesses depending on your facility’s needs, so you have a lot of flexibility.

4) DecoTurf

DecoTurf surfacing materials are also a popular choice for sports courts because they come in several different colors. Depending on how you plan to install them, you can choose to use these surfacing materials in indoor or outdoor facilities. They offer excellent shock absorption capabilities to keep everyone safe when playing intense games like basketball or tennis.

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