Line Striping Ebensburg, PA

Line Striping

If you are in the Ebensburg, PA area and need professional line striping, look no further than Laurel Asphalt.  Having your asphalt line striped can offer a variety of safety and directional features, from subtle directions, speed limits, parking spaces, and ADA-compliant parking. Line striping has proved to prevent accidents and injuries by giving pedestrians a safer, more visible place to cross streets and alerting drivers of pedestrians and diversions. It is essential that your line striping is done with the proper paint so it remains visible in inclement weather. Laurel Asphalt offers years of experience in line striping for our customers in Ebensburg, PA, and surrounding areas. Working with each customer to create an individualized plan to have their parking lot or road professionally lined and striped by our experienced technicians, we aim to provide each customer with exceptional service and complete satisfaction. If you have any questions, contact us at

Helping customers ensure they have the proper ADA accommodations by providing that adequate parking spaces are reserved and appropriately marked by our line striping services can save them from potential lawsuits and unnecessary financial costs. We are your one-stop shop for all things asphalt and line striping here in Ebensburg, PA.  Offering competitive pricing and transparent communication, we want our customers to be confident they have made the right choice by coming to Laurel Asphalt for their line striping needs. We are proud to be a PennDOT-approved contractor. Our technicians only use the highest quality materials available and the most advanced equipment, coupled with the learned experience in the years we have been assisting our customers with line striping services. When ready to have your asphalt surface professionally line striped, we offer free estimates at

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