Artisanal Streetscaping: 5 Guidelines For Balancing Design With ADA Compliance!

Artisanal Streetscaping: 5 Guidelines For Balancing Design With ADA Compliance!

Streetscape elements are the functional and visual aspects of public and pedestrian areas that provide convenience and aesthetics to those using the facilities. Crosswalks are a robust example and add an artistic touch to intersections, enhancing curb appeal in commercial and residential areas. Aesthetically pleasing crosswalks increase safety in pedestrian paths since they are a visual cue to motorists that people are crossing.

Streetscape elements can be tactile, visual, or audible and often must comply with certain minimum design guidelines outlined by the city officials. Here are some pointers that we at Laurel Asphalt list for adhering to ADA compliance while creating beautiful streetscape projects in Somerset, PA.

  1. Discrete Drains and Catch Basins

Drain openings should be designed to catch leaves and debris, provide apt draining, and without looking like an eyesore. Drains should have a splash guard curb to avoid vehicles splashing water up towards pedestrians.

2. Ease of Accessibility

An important streetscape element for pedestrians is the accessibility of pedestrian ramps and railings. Accounting for ergonomic design aids in the prevention of injury when using sidewalks, pedestrian routes, and park benches. The disabled, elderly, and the young should have no complications when navigating the streetscape. Steer clear of any design that may go against ADA compliances.

3. Therapeutic Themes

Traffic calming ‘bump outs’ are suitable additions in commercial areas to steady traffic. Wide sidewalks, eco-friendly compact fluorescent lights are easy on the eyes at night, mutely toned pavement should be maintained unless the client has approval for using color for their pavement. Intersections and crosswalks should have clear and bold signs approved by the municipality. Remember to design the streetscape to resemble a refreshing break for the hardworking resident. Avoid blaring and bold colors that might distract pedestrians and lead to harm.

4. Using Environmentally Savvy Styles

Green streetscape designs are the joy of a place like Somerset, PA. Known as the ‘Roof Garden of Pennsylvania’, Somerset County is an agricultural hub, meaning fertile soils and more potential for the foliage on your streetscaping projects. Arbors and trellises, for example, can be used to bold the trees above sidewalks, push them back from streets, and still allow light to shine through.

5. Hiring an Urban Planner

A planner is well aware of building codes, zoning, and approved materials in printed streetscapes, sidewalks, and placements of street furnishings. Even though we at Laurel Asphalt don’t doubt our extensive knowledge of Urban Design and Traffic Calming requirements in the county, it is good for our clients to be aware of these planning guidelines.

Did we mention we also have streetscape paint-job capability? To spruce up dull crosswalks, sidewalks, and pavement, you can always call us up for a professional paint job or request a free quote on our many services! We use StreetPrint XD & Duratherm; both are ADA-compliant solutions to adding traction, texture, and art to any form of pavement without the trip hazard that actual material texture would have. It’s popular for crosswalks and custom designs for residential pavement.

Laurel Asphalt offers streetscape design and maintenance solutions across Pennsylvania. We are open 24/7, and if you require a streetscape design in Somerset, then our office is right over at Windber.