Don’t Begin Your Year Falling Victim To The Gypsy Scam!

Don’t Begin Your Year Falling Victim To The Gypsy Scam!

Let’s face it; asphalt paving is not as mundane as it sounds. Pavement overlays are complex; they require an appropriate material mix, thickness, compaction, & curing. Heating & ambient temperatures are crucial determiners for asphalt curing and can’t be forgone. Then there is the intricate asphalt maintenance & repair routine that keeps heavy expenditures away from pavement area managers.

One does not simply start paving with asphalt and be an expert.

When a pavement is not installed to the standard thickness or load-bearing considerations, then problems ensue. Unfortunately, some contractors go the easy way by scamming their clients out of a good stretch of asphalt.

The Leftover Asphalt Scam

In this scenario, a contractor just happens to turn up at your door in gear akin to Hollywood’s perception of a charming paving contractor. The contractor claims to have been working in the area and has some left-over asphalt from a previous job. They will then tell you how they noticed your damaged driveway or pavement and offer to resurface it at a feasible cost.

The asphalt scammers start paving but happen to run out of asphalt halfway through. At this point, they will coerce you to pay for more asphalt in advance to be installed the next day. They take the money and are never seen again. Senior citizens and church lot managers tend to be most targeted for this scam. So, keep your eyes open for such scammers in your Altoona, PA neighborhood.

The Gypsy Rig Contractor

In this case, you are visited by a charismatic contractor who happens to make the same deal to fix your asphalt, except those gullible clients don’t see the contractor carrying a makeshift asphalt warmer and seal coat dispenser, all on the back of their truck. These contractors are called gypsies because they aren’t usually qualified and go from town to town doing odd asphalt jobs for folks for low costs & sub-par paving. So, always hire known, professional contractors like Laurel Asphalt.

The Milk Sealant

This is a rather hilarious but genuine scam. Milk adds a certain sheen to surfaces, exploited in these elaborate scams. Custom-built tankers with seal coat jets are deployed after hooking in a client, and the scammers go on with charging an inflated rate of the service.

Oil & Chip Surfacing

Used engine oil, soot, some color additives, and chips are mixed and paved to pass on as asphalt. The oil keeps the chips together for some time, but the pavement gradually erodes.

Sometimes, the contractor vanishes during the paving, and you have to deal with another supervisor claiming an even higher rate on the contract. The best way to sniff such scammers out is to ask them for their credentials, online presence, and relevant licensing & documentation. If no quotes or contract documentation is presented, just call 911 and watch them go. Please take note of the car registration number and relay it to the required authorities.

That said, if you require assistance with spring asphalt maintenance & repair planning in Altoona, PA, we will be happy to help you through all the legitimate channels. Laurel Asphalt is your locally honed & trusted paving contractor with a flourishing client satisfaction record.

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