Essentials Of Stamped & Decorative Concrete Maintenance

Essentials Of Stamped & Decorative Concrete Maintenance

Have you invested in high-quality decorative concrete? Then you must know of the long-term maintenance it requires. You need to invest in routine cleaning and upkeep for its long lifespan. To help you take care of your stamped and decorative concrete pavement, the experts at Laurel Asphalt in Johnstown, PA, have gathered the essentials for your perusal.

Tips On Maintaining Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as decorative concrete, needs regular maintenance to keep its integrity and visual appeal intact. Read these tips on maintaining decorative concrete or have a professional company like Laurel Asphalt do it for you.

Tip 1. Pressure-Washing is a Bad Idea

You should resist the urge to pressure-wash your decorative concrete pavement. Why? Because over time, the intensity of the pressure-wash will result in the breaking of the sealant used. This significantly compromises the visuals and the appeal of the decorative concrete. Alternatively, you could rinse the concrete with some low-pressure stream of water to be safe.

Tip 2. Trapped Dirt and Grime Need to Loosened

Dirt and grime can get trapped in the nooks and crannies in the concrete. You can quickly rid your concrete of this by using a mild, gentle cleanser. This will help loosen the dirt and grime. You can then rinse it away with a stream of low-pressure water.

Tip 3. Resealing Is Important; Don’t Ignore It

You need to reseal your decorative concrete every eighteen to twenty-four months. When you follow this routine, you will see that the color on your concrete lasts long and becomes impervious to environmental deterioration.

There are a few ways to reseal your decorative concrete. You can either use a penetrating sealer or a topical sealer. Penetrating sealers go into the pores of the concrete and fill them up, while topical sealers form a film on the surface of the concrete. You should use a penetrating seal if you have a newer driveway, patio, or other concrete surfaces. If your concrete has already been exposed to harsh elements, you should opt for the topical sealer.

Tip 4. Say No To Salt and De-Icers

You have to avoid salts and de-icers on your concrete. Why? Because both are caustic, they can quickly penetrate your coating and then break it from the inside.

Tip 5. Avoid Metal Shovels

Want to know why we are advising you to avoid using a metal shovel and similar tools? They might cause chips and scratches on your otherwise durable concrete. With the appearance of the slightest crack, dirt and grime start making their way in. If your concrete is old, it might also break if you are not careful with these tools.

After reading all these tips, you are probably looking for a dependable concrete company in Johnstown, PA. Contact Laurel Asphalt; we offer a wide variety of services. Contact us today and get started.