How To Resurface Your Tennis Court The Right Way To Extend Its Lifespan

How To Resurface Your Tennis Court The Right Way To Extend Its Lifespan

Tennis courts are a popular investment for tennis enthusiasts and tennis clubs alike. The tennis court is the most expensive part of any tennis club, second only to the land that it sits on. When you have a tennis court in your backyard or at your club, you want to keep it around as long as possible. However, after years of use, tennis courts can become worn down and require resurfacing. Resurfacing a tennis court helps extend its lifespan and makes playing on it more enjoyable by ensuring all surfaces are level.

The tennis court needs to be level and flat for the ball to bounce best. This can be achieved by pouring asphalt on top of a compacted gravel base. Asphalt offers several benefits over other materials used as tennis court foundations such as concrete or clay. It is less expensive, more durable, and easier to maintain than some of the other options by far.

In this blog post, we will cover how to resurface your tennis court correctly so you can enjoy playing on it for many more years without worry.

1) Clean the Court Thoroughly Before Beginning Any Repairs

The tennis court needs to be completely clean before any resurfacing can begin. If the surface of your tennis court is caked with dirt and debris, it will affect how well the new material adheres to the old one. This means that you won’t get as long of a life out of your court as you would if it were cleaner.

If you find any mold or fungus growing on the tennis court’s surface, you should remove it as soon as possible. Mold and fungus can compromise the effectiveness of repairs because they prevent new material from adhering to your tennis court properly.

2) Repair the Surface

Any dips and cracks must be fixed before you can resurface tennis courts. This includes any areas where puddles of water tend to form after rain. Such areas can allow water to seep under the surface and compromise the asphalt.

3) Build a Solid Foundation with Asphalt

The tennis court foundation is one of the most crucial parts of a tennis court. It should be built with asphalt to withstand any weather and provide a stable surface for tennis players to play on. If you want your tennis court to last as long as possible, you must invest in an asphalt foundation.

4) Apply Acrylic Surface Coating

Acrylic coating is a tennis court resurfacing material that can help improve playing conditions and protect your tennis court from further wear and tear. Depending on its thickness, it’s typically applied to the tennis court’s surface with a brush or roller, but it can also be sprayed on if necessary. The texture will provide better footing for players while simultaneously protecting against potentially dangerous falls.

5) Let the Court Cure

Give the tennis court resurfacing material time to cure before allowing anyone to walk or play on it. Depending on how much you used during application, it should take between 24 and 48 hours for your tennis court to dry thoroughly.

So, if you’re ready to resurface your tennis court, it is essential to do so the right way. After all, a poorly done job will lead to an early demise of your investment and leave you with nothing but regret. You want better for yourself – and your court – so let Laurel Asphalt help! Contact us today if you would like more information about how we can help with this project or any other asphalt paving projects in Mount Pleasant. We offer free estimates on all of our services, including commercial pavingsurfacing recreational courts, and more, so what have you got to lose?