7 Ways to Ensure You’re Hiring the Right Pavement Repairs Contractor

7 Ways to Ensure You’re Hiring the Right Pavement Repairs Contractor

Pavement repair contracting firms exist to install, repair, and maintain pavement the right way, but due diligence is required before hiring one. Ergo, it becomes essential for clients to know their right to ask questions before signing anything with a firm that could be potential scammers. We don’t mean to discriminate, but the world is made a certain way, and during times of crisis, one lousy apple pie can ruin the appetites of many.

Hiring a pavement repair contractor might be more complicated than simply picking the best one for the position. There are quotes to consider, portfolios to be verified, and project ethics to be asked about; you need to be a smart client to sniff out the truth behind a few good Yelp reviews!

Here are some great tips from Laurel Asphalt regarding some areas to look out for when you are in talks for a pavement repair project.

1. How long have they been active?

Always inquire about the years of experience under their belt. Make sure they have a valid license and authentic credentials for all the services they offer. Ask if they have had experience in repairing flood-damaged pavement. It’s not imprudent to ask about their credit history, as it defines their ability to perform on major pavement repair projects.

2. How long have they ‘successfully’ worked in the vicinity?

Local contractors tend to be the most reliable of firms since they have supplied to local demand over the years and are familiar with local sourcing costs and zone requirements. They probably know the locality like the back of their hand. Ask about their projects, their success with obtaining permits, any legal assistance they can provide, and clients who can attest to their services.

3. Are they licensed and up to date?

Never look at a shoddy certificate and decide the contractor is legitimate; get a hold of the local municipal authorities and confirm their license. In foresight, it will save you in legal matters if the job goes awry.

4. Do they have insurance & financing?

Some prestigious contractors provide project financing, and some require funding to complete their tasks until client payday arrives. Both tactics are suitable; however, ensure that the contractor is insured for construction-related damages. To keep the ball in your court, obtain a waiver, too, so you are safe from liabilities.

5. Do they have dedicated subcontracting?

These days it seems that everyone has trust issues, and they’re great for character development. Contractors can’t always have specialized equipment or engineering personnel on hand for complex paving and repair projects, so they have trusted subcontractors to get the job done. A contractor with a fluctuating subcontracting pool is a red flag, so best to avoid them.

6. How do they plan out the project?

Never agree on words; insist on a representation of how the repairs are scheduled. A timeline of sorts needs to exist, so you know how long the project will take. Communication channels and cost estimation is the most important in representing the scale of the project.

7. Would they mind if you documented the progress?

Lastly, if a contractor is okay with you making the rounds on a worksite out of the blue, then that is your gold star in securing the services of an honest repairs contractor who has nothing to hide.

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