Commercial Paving

When you have cars, trucks, buses, and people entering and exiting your commercial property every day—your pavement needs to be able to withstand this test.

We make sure that your property is always in pristine condition with our professional commercial paving service! Laurel Asphalt has been serving commercial property owners across Pennsylvania for years, offering a variety of services from parking lot expansion and patches to hot mix overlays. We provide outstanding services at affordable prices, tailored to the specific needs of each commercial client.

We handle every aspect of commercial paving, from pavement expansions, maintenance, fixes, and patches to new asphalt. We know the ins and outs of commercial asphalt paving. Say goodbye to the cracked, broken pavement in your parking lot or other areas of your property. We’ll carefully grade and level it before we pave a new surface that can stand up to nearly any kind of distress.

Our experienced, highly skilled, and knowledgeable professionals can install, repair, and maintain your commercial pavement to your satisfaction.