Hot Crack Pour

Laurel Asphalt provides hot crack pour services to our clients. Hot crack pour is a process where a specially formulated hot rubberized crack sealant is heated to a liquid state and applied in the crack. After cooling down and hardening, the rubberized sealant solidifies and seals the crack so no moisture or debris can enter into the pavement and cause more significant damage.

We use the latest equipment to apply the best hot crack sealants to your pavement. The sealants we apply form a long lasting bond with your asphalt, allowing them to lock out the debris and water while preventing the excessive movements which caused the crack formation in the first place.

Our hot crack pour services are backed by the use of top-of the-line equipment and our knowledgeable staff’s expertise. Our team follows the industry best practices and safety guidelines while applying the hot pour. We ensure that our clients get the premium service they deserve in line with their pavement needs.

Our hot crack pour services offer a long-lasting solution to all your pavement needs, repairing the unsightly and harmful cracks for an extended period of time.