Decorative Streetscape Crosswalks

Decorative crosswalks and our customized street designs provide added beautification to downtowns, businesses and communities. Laurel Asphalt offers durable and cost effective decorative streetscape solutions that include StreetprintXD™ and Duratherm™.

Our decorative streetscape crosswalk solution enhances safety and visibility to improve the overall streetscape design while providing traffic calming effects. We use bold designs, vivid colors, and unique textures to create eye-catching crosswalks which drivers can see from afar. This is the ultimate addition to your commercial property or business district. It will enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality, improve safety to minimize accidents, and offer your clients an experience they will never forget.

Creating decorative streetscape crosswalks and street designs is a tricky and challenging process. However, thanks to our experience and diligence, we can complete each project exceeding your expectations.