Utility/Pothole Repairs

Paving projects are generally expensive, which is why property managers have to think twice before initiating one. However, delaying repairs can accelerate pavement deterioration and increase the extent of damage, which can shorten the life of your asset. Laurel Asphalt offers affordable repair solutions so you can get timely repairs done.

Cracks that have been neglected turn into potholes, which can affect the beauty of your pavement and cause accidents and vehicular damage. Spring is the time of year when most potholes appear on the surface due to the freeze and thaw cycle coupled with regular traffic load. Yet, this does not mean that you are safe from this problem for the rest of the year. Numerous solutions can be used to repair a pothole depending on the extent of damage, season, and other unique challenges. Asphalt patching is one solution to restore the sturdiness of your pavement.

Damage to utility lines can be both inconvenient and dangerous. Therefore, it is vital to get utility repairs done by a professional paving contractor as soon as possible. We are well-aware of all the dangers, laws, and regulations associated with utility repairs, which is why we offer quick and long-lasting solutions.