Laurel Asphalt Serving Ligonier, PA Customers

With over 25 years in the asphalt business, we pride ourselves on using learned skills with the newest technology and up-to-date equipment to complete each job. Reducing downtime for our customers is a priority, we work as efficiently as possible.

Importance of maintaining your asphalt surfaces and correcting issues as soon as possible can save the customer from large, unwanted bills. When asphalt is allowed to have cracks, they will eventually form potholes that, without prompt correction, can result in the need for complete replacement of your surface.

Call us today to have a free estimate. If you see that your parking lot, road, or sidewalk is showing signs of wear and tear or deterioration, let us help you. Being attentive to every detail with each job, we see each customer is delighted. Whether the job is simple, complex, large, or minor, our crew of knowledgeable asphalt contractors will help by answering any questions and creating a plan to complete the job within the customer’s budget.

We offer services from complete asphalt installation, utility/pothole repairs, commercial paving, ADA-compliant spaces, line striping, hot crack pouring, recreational courts, seal coating, and decorative sidewalk and crosswalk stamping. When you need a professional company that gets the job done right the first time, know here at Laurel Asphalt, we are happy to help your property return to a like-new state. Maintaining your asphalt can raise curb appeal and be visually appealing for customers and clients.

At Laurel Asphalt, we are an all-inclusive full-service asphalt and paving company serving the Ligonier, PA, area. Contact us today if you need asphalt services in Ligonier, PA.