8 Top Trends For Stamped Asphalt In 2022

8 Top Trends For Stamped Asphalt In 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Stamped asphalt is a decorative pavement that can add curb appeal and value to your home and commercial building.
  • It is chosen for many reasons: it is cost-effective, low maintenance, and environment friendly.
  • Stamped asphalt trends in 2022 include returning classic patterns, using new colors and textures, and installing stamped asphalt in unique locations.

Amazingly, we’re already discussing trends for 2022, but here we are! If you’re thinking about having your parking lot or driveway paved shortly, you’ll want to keep these trends in mind. Stamped asphalt is becoming increasingly popular every year as people are looking for ways to add a hint of elegance and luxury to their homes and commercial buildings. In this blog post, Laurel Asphalt will look at some of the most popular stamped asphalt designs for 2022. Keep reading to learn more!

What is stamped asphalt?

Asphalt stamping is a clever and sophisticated method that turns regular asphalt into surfaces that resemble brick or stone. It is created by imprinting a design into wet asphalt and then adding color or stamps to the design. This type of pavement can be used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and more.

Process of asphalt stamping:

Asphalt stamping begins with the creation of a design. Once the design is finalized, it is transferred to a large piece of equipment called a stencil. Then combination of heat, a stamping template, and a plate compactor is used to imprint the design into the surface. After the design is stamped, color or stamps are added to create the desired look.

Why stamped asphalt?

There are many reasons to choose stamped asphalt over other types of pavement. Some benefits include:

Stamped asphalt is more durable than regular asphalt:

The process of stamping asphalt makes it denser and more compact, which in turn makes it more resistant to cracking and potholes.

Stamped asphalt is low maintenance:

Once stamped asphalt is installed, there is very little upkeep required. Unlike other forms of pavement, stamped asphalt is stain-resistant and does not require sealing or resealing.

Stamped asphalt is cost-effective:

You may improve the curb appeal of your house without spending a fortune. Stamped asphalt is relatively reasonably priced when compared to other driveway materials. You will spend less money installing it because it is simple.

Stamped asphalt is safe:

It has a non-skid surface that is slip-resistant, making it an excellent choice for driveways, sidewalks, and other areas where people walk. It is also resistant to potholes and cracking, creating trip hazards.

Environment friendly:

Stamped asphalt is environmentally friendly and manufactured from recycled materials. According to the ENERGY STAR Program for Asphalt Pavement, its building process emits up to 80% less CO2 than conventional asphalt paving (EPA, 2012).

Improves curb appeal:

A beautiful driveway or elegant sideways can increase your home’s or commercial property’s curb appeal, increasing its value. Stamped asphalt is a great way to achieve this without spending much money.

Top trends for stamped asphalt in 2022:

Trend 01: The classic herringbone design is making a comeback

The herringbone design was once the most popular choice for stamped asphalt. However, it fell out of favor recently due to its more traditional appearance. However, since more and more people are looking for timeless designs, it is currently making a strong comeback.

It is created by stamping a series of overlapping V-shaped patterns into the asphalt.

Trend 02: The chevron design is perfect for modern homes

The chevron design is a modern take on the classic herringbone design. It is created by stamping a series of overlapping V-shaped patterns into the asphalt. This stamped asphalt trend is perfect for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their property.

Trend 03: Brick patterns are popular

Brick patterns have always been popular for stamped asphalt. They give off a rustic and old-world charm that is hard to resist. Since they can replicate the appearance of genuine brick pavers, they have recently grown in popularity.

You can use brink pattern stamps to create various looks, from classic brick sidewalks to modern patio designs.

Trend 04: Tile patterns with a pop of color

Tile patterns are another popular choice for stamped asphalt. From traditional tile flooring to contemporary abstract designs, you can use them to produce a variety of appearances.

One of the best things about tile patterns is that they can be customized with a pop of color. This added touch can make your design stand out from the rest.

Trend 05: Printing business names with stamping patterns

Another popular trend for stamped asphalt is printing business names with stamping patterns. This is a fantastic approach to advertise your company and make it simple for clients to locate you. 

Professional asphalt paver can do this in many ways, including utilizing stencils and making unique stamps. Whatever method you choose, this is sure to be a hit with customers.

Trend 06: Adding borders with stamped asphalt

Another popular trend for stamped asphalt is adding borders with stamped asphalt. Different border patterns define your space and make it look more polished. There are a variety of different ways to add borders with stamped asphalt. You can use it to create a pathway around your property, or you can use it to create a border around your gardens.

Trend 07: Using two different designs of stamped asphalt

If you want to add a little variety to your stamped asphalt, you can try using two different designs. Unique designs add interest to your space and make it more beautiful. You can use different colors or patterns to create this look.

Trend 08: Illuminated surfaces

 This trend is all about creating a surface that is illuminated. This can be done using stamps that create a reflective surface or by adding lights to the asphalt.

So there you have it, the main trends for stamped asphalt in 2022. Be sure to keep these in mind when planning your next project.

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