Common Sealcoating Myths That Need To Be Stamped Out

Common Sealcoating Myths That Need To Be Stamped Out

Sealcoating is a process used to protect asphalt surfaces from the elements. Some people think it’s a waste of money, while others believe it’s the only way to preserve their asphalt driveway. It can help prolong the life of your pavement, and it makes the surface look nicer too. However, many seal coating myths are circulating on the internet.

This blog post by Laurel Asphalt dispels some of those myths.

Sealcoating Removes Cracks

Sealcoating helps seal the surface of the asphalt, which prevents water and other debris from penetrating the surface and causing damage. However, pavement fissures cannot be filled with sealant. If your pavement already has cracks, you’ll need to fill them with a hot rubberized substance before sealing them. Cracks in your pavement must be sealed as soon as they emerge. Potholes, cracking, and pavement collapse will result if the property owner does not fix pavement cracks within one year of their occurrence.

Sealcoating Materials Are All Same

Sealcoating materials are not all the same. Before it can be used commercially, a good seal coat material must pass several tests. However, some seal coating businesses utilize “lower grade” sealers to save money. A property owner should employ a reliable, professional seal coating contractor who can give expertise and literature about the seal coat materials they use. 

Sealcoating Is Not Durable

Because seal coating is a “topcoat” of material, it may appear that it is not a long-lasting solution. But seal coating is successful because it aids in the preservation of asphalt resilience by filling up and coating the small holes that enable water infiltration.

These tiny holes are called “macro-pores” and are about the diameter of human hair. The sealant is more viscous than water, making it easier to linger in these pores before evaporating into thin air.

Sealcoating Is Expensive

Many property owners have the misconception that seal coating is costly. In reality, seal coating is very cost-effective, especially when you consider the cost of repair and replacement that it will prevent. Think about saving money in the long run by seal coating the pavements now.

Sealcoating Is Only Important for New Pavements

Sealcoating is important for both new and existing asphalt pavements. It helps to protect the surface of the asphalt from damage and extends the life of the pavement. Even if your pavement looks great and isn’t showing signs of wear, sealing the asphalt will help protect it from spills and cracks.

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