Devising The Perfect Pre-Winter Line Striping Plan For Your Parking Lot

Devising The Perfect Pre-Winter Line Striping Plan For Your Parking Lot

A line striping plan is a process of determining where to place line markings on a parking lot before winter. The goal is to make it easier for drivers and snowplows to see where they should be driving, hopefully reducing the risk of accidents during harsh winter weather conditions.

Many factors go into line striping a parking lot – snowfall, vehicle traffic patterns, and more. These are all things that should be considered when devising the perfect line-striping plan for your business before winter falls upon us.

We’ll go over what you should keep in mind when devising your line striping plan and some tips that will help you develop an effective one.

Develop a Layout Plan Before Line Striping

Planning out your line striping layout for the parking lot before you do any actual line striping is just as important as actually line striping. When planning, consider all of your weather factors and what they can mean to how long certain types of line marking last.

The first step in creating any line stripe pattern for your parking lot is determining where everything should go. You will need to consider where the lines should be placed, how many line striping patterns you want, and what colors they should be.

Also, plan on where it would be best to stripe first so that you can start line marking in the right areas before moving on to others.

Clean the Surface of Your Parking Lot

Before line striping, it is important to make sure that your pavement surface is clean and free of dirt. Sweep the entire area with a broom or use a pressure washer if stubborn patches of debris remain on the lot. You can even hire a commercial power washing business from around where you live to get all of this done for you.

If you paint on a surface full of dirt, the line striping will not last as long and can easily flake off. It is important to have a clean parking lot before line striping so that your lines look great for years to come.

Choose the Right Paint Based on Your Surface and the Weather in Your Area

If you are line striping in an area with harsh winters, the paint you choose for your line stripe needs resistance against cracking. Various types of paints on the market will give you different results depending on how long they last and their application procedures.

Ensure ADA Compliance

ADA requires a certain ratio of handicapped parking spaces to be available on a lot. ADA also has a minimum size requirement for these spaces. Be sure your line striping plan is ADA compliant, or else people with disabilities will find it difficult to navigate your parking lot. Furthermore, it will be considered a federal law violation and you may end up paying some hefty fines.

With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your parking lot. If you want the perfect pre-winter line striping plan for your parking lot, get in touch with Laurel Asphalt in Mt. PleasantWe offer free estimates on line striping services and are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Whether you need asphalt paving or just some new paint lines in your parking lot this winter, we can help.