ADA Compliant Spaces in Johnstown, PA

In 1990, the American Disabilities Act was passed to create equitable and inclusivecommunities for individuals with disabilities. Property owners have an obligation to ensure theyare meeting standards for commercial parking lots and industrial surfaces that pass inspection -ensuring accessibility regardless of physical ability. Laurel Asphalt in Johnstown, PA can guideyou in bringing ADA complaint spaces to your property, guaranteeing everyone who visits yourproperty has equal opportunity to take part in all aspects of life!

With our asphalt services in Johnstown, PA, you can be sure your pavement will protect youfrom potential lawsuits and costly fines. Our knowledgeable paving professionals are up to dateon all ADA compliance guidelines, guaranteeing a layout that is safe for everyone, and won’tneed laborious alterations in the future. Let Laurel Asphalt take away the worry from potentialliability issues!

Enjoy beautiful, long-lasting ADA compliant surfaces with our comprehensive range of services.With over 25 years of experience, Laurel Asphalt is the go-to source for all your paving needs.We’ll ensure your home business is equipped to last for years in Johnstown, PA!