Laurel Asphalt Meets Lake Erie – Expanding Our Decorative Asphalt Services In A Region Near You!

Laurel Asphalt Meets Lake Erie – Expanding Our Decorative Asphalt Services In A Region Near You!

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Are you someone living in the northeastern region looking for decorative asphalt services? Know what you want in terms of decorative asphalt, but do not have someone local to complete the job? Look no further! Laurel Asphalt is looking to expand our decorative asphalt services into states such as western New York, Maryland, West Virginia and eastern Ohio and may be at your service! Let’s look at what Laurel Asphalt was able to offer a small town located in northwestern New York and give you the opportunity to see for yourself what can be provided for towns near and far.

In the quite town of Fredonia, Laurel Asphalt installed four crosswalks at one intersection just south of Lake Erie in the northwestern part of New York. It was a smaller town square with plenty of hustling small businesses. The town hall and opera were located on one corner with a church on the other, bordered by a beautiful park that pulls the whole town together. For this project, Laurel Asphalt used a thermoplastic material called TrafficPatterns®XD. This highly durable material does well in severe weather conditions and is highly accessible, making for a friendly surface for pedestrians and drivers to access. TrafficPatterns®XD is skid resistant and improves visibility for both vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

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Not only is TrafficPatterns®XD highly durable and safe, but it is also very appealing to the eyes of pedestrians and those who own small businesses in that area, which engages the community and promotes a better image for the town. What is even better is that TrafficPatterns®XD is entirely customizable, being offered in a variety of brick, stone and tile patterns. Not to mention, the colors can also be completely customized and tailored to match your towns aesthetic!

Because decorative asphalt products such as TrafficPatterns®XD are so unique, not many asphalt companies offer them. Laurel Asphalt takes pride in being one of the few leading decorative asphalt service providers in the area and is willing and determined to expand into the northeastern region to towns near and far!

Contact Laurel Asphalt today if you want to learn more about TrafficPatterns®XD and see what we could provide for your town. We hope to expand our services in a town near you.