Line Striping Ligonier, PA


Clear and well-defined lines are essential for guiding motorists and pedestrians. From its ability to ensure clear directions and delineate traffic lanes to its impact on improving road safety, line striping is a vital component of our daily commute.

If you need professional line striping services, Laurel Asphalt should be your go-to choice for enhancing the curb appeal of your parking lot. We have provided high-quality line striping services for years, located near Ligonier, PA. 

We understand the importance of appearance and use high-quality and specialized equipment to ensure our line striping jobs are precise and aesthetically pleasing. Without proper line striping, parking lots can be a potential danger, leading to accidents. Defining parking areas and driveways helps regulate parking and traffic flow, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Parking lots should have spaces that accommodate people with disabilities and striping areas in a way that provides ramps and accessible paths, and that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Faded line stripes, crosswalks, and stop lines are challenging to see, and accidents are more likely to occur when they are almost invisible. Repainting reduces the risk of accidents and substantial reduction in insurance claims. Also, repainting lines can reduce confusion about where to park or drive, helping everyone get where they need to be quickly and effortlessly. 

We use eco-friendly, high-quality paints that provide long-lasting results, meaning you ultimately save time and money using our services. Our company’s commitment to exceptional customer service and quality work ensures your parking lot looks professional and safe.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition 

  • Delivers a professional image
  • Improves safety
  • Provides clear direction and management
  • Improves accessibility
  • Saves money and time

Line striping is an integral part of our transportation infrastructure that should never be overlooked. Investing in proper line striping techniques and maintenance can create a safer and more efficient transportation system for everyone. 

With years of experience, a team of professionals, top-quality materials, and specialized equipment, you can rest assured that we will complete your line striping job. At the same time, you support a local business near Ligonier, PA. So, contact Laurel Asphalt to schedule your line striping service!