Ode To Asphalt: Crafting The Perfect Crack Sealing Plan

Ode To Asphalt: Crafting The Perfect Crack Sealing Plan

Asphalt is a durable and resilient material that provides an excellent surface for your property. However, it’s prone to cracks and other defects that are a result of various factors. These cracks can lead to water infiltration, which can cause further damage to the asphalt surface. 

Hiring professional contractors like Laurel Asphalt for regular asphalt maintenance is a great way to counter crack formation and restrict the damages they cause. Regular maintenance will prevent crack deterioration and ensure your surface gets the regular checkup it needs.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how crack sealing works and keeps your asphalt pavement strong for years to come.

1) What is Crack Sealing?

Crack sealing is the process of repairing cracks using an asphalt sealer. A crack sealing plan is a schedule for regular maintenance that addresses cracks and other issues before they turn into more significant problems.

The right time to repair cracks in your pavement depends on various factors; professional contractors recommend doing it every two years or so to keep the damages at bay. The pavement can sustain damage due to heavy traffic or natural elements like extreme weather conditions, so keeping up with the necessary repairs is crucial for its lasting strength.

When left untreated, even small cracks can cause significant wear and tear over time because water seeps under the surface when the road gets wet due to rain or snowmelt, causing more deterioration and leading to potholes.

2) When is the Best Time to Seal Cracks? 

Some companies will only crack seal during the summer months, as asphalt can dry enough to allow for a practical application. Other professionals wait for the spring season to apply the sealant.

If you want a more personalized recommendation on what season works best for you, talk with a professional contractor about the best time of the year to seal the pavement cracks.

3) Set a Budget and Choose Contractors

Prepare a pavement maintenance budget, ensure that your asphalt maintenance and repair spending are within range, and invest smartly by hiring the right contractors.

You should also choose a contractor who has been in business for several years and can provide you with references from previous customers so you can learn more about their performance history.

Finally, try to find a company that offers warranties on their materials and any workmanship issues after the job is completed. These added services will give you peace of mind knowing if problems arise down the road, there are resources available to make it right again.

Cracking the asphalt sealing code can be challenging for inexperienced homeowners. This is why you need to hire professional crack sealing repair experts in Johnstown. Laurel Asphalt is your one source for all asphalt solutions, as we provide a range of pavement maintenance services designed to keep your property in check. So, get a free estimate from our team now and start working on the crack sealing plan.