Parking Lots & Markings– What’s There That’s So Important?

Parking Lots & Markings– What’s There That’s So Important?

If you own or you’re responsible for commercial paving lot, you appreciate the importance of understanding the parking lot markings on asphalt paving. After all, it’s your job to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the parking lot.

However, for those who have doubts, Laurel Asphalt has compiled a list of reasons to understand parking lot markings.

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No. 1: The Meanings

There are various paint colors used for parking lot markings. The three most common colors are white, yellow, and blue. Red and decorative markings are also used occasionally.

  1. White and Yellow Parking Lines: The lines for parking spaces are usually white or yellow. Pending curb appeal, local requirements, and sometimes the owner’s preference will dictate the color used for the parking lines. Yellow does provide a slight advantage in the northern climates when the parking lots are partially covered with snow in the winter season. 
  2. White and Yellow Markings: These two colors provide other distinguished uses in a parking lot. Yellow indicates areas where drivers need to use extra caution. These areas can be entrances, exits, speed bumps, curbs designated for no parking, and double yellow lines heavily traveled traffic lanes. White is more commonly used for arrows, crosswalks, and stop bars.
  3. Blue: Representing handicap parking, line stripers use this color to indicate reserved areas for vehicles with disabilities.
  4. Red: This color is occasionally used for areas for curbs or diagonal lines to indicate fire lane areas. Yellow is sometimes used in fire lane areas also.
  5. Decorative Crosswalks: Decorative markings are used many times to highlight the crosswalks to make these walkways more visible for the motorists and pedestrians to provide added alertness for safety. The decorative markings can also provide added curb appeal.

As you can see, parking lot markings help create a safe and organized space for vehicles to park and drive and maintain added safety for pedestrians.

No. 2: Faded Lines

A commercial property owner should understand that faint lines on the asphalt paving are a safety hazard. When the lines are no longer visible, it becomes difficult for drivers to know where to park and where not. This can lead to accidents and damage to property.

As a result, your commercial paving lot will be vulnerable to lawsuits and reputation damage, especially if a person with a disability is involved in an accident. You can avoid this by ensuring that the parking lot markings are always visible.

No. 3: Better Experience

Understanding parking lot markings can also help you provide a better customer experience. For instance, if you have a loading zone, you can make it clear where it begins and ends with the correct markings. This will ensure delivery trucks can park in the designated area without blocking traffic.

You can also use parking lot markings to create more space for handicapped parking or electric vehicle charging stations. By doing this, you can make your business more appealing.

No. 4: Safer Environment

Other components besides stripes and markings on your asphalt pavement can make your parking lot safer. For example, speed bumps can help control traffic and prevent accidents. Speed bumps are usually placed near crosswalks or pedestrian walkways to keep cars from going too fast and hitting pedestrians.

Including curb ramps on your commercial paving lot can make it more accessible for people with disabilities. Curb ramps help people in wheelchairs or with strollers get onto the sidewalk from the street.


A commercial asphalt paving project is a significant investment. You want to ensure that it will last many years and withstand heavy traffic. Understanding parking lot markings and other features will help you make the best decisions for your business.

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