ADA Compliant Spaces Somerset PA

In 1990, a historic event took place that changed the lives of millions in America – the passing ofThe American Disabilities Act. We are now committed to creating accessible and inclusivecommunities for individuals with disabilities. Property owners are now required to ensure theirparking lots and industrial spaces meet ADA standards so everyone can participate in life’sactivities without barriers! Laurel Asphalt understands how important it is to stay up-to-date onregulations in Somerset, PA and provide superior guidance and paving solutions so your ownproperties are compliant with these essential laws.

Protecting you and your property from liabilities is our top priority at Laurel Asphalt! Let our knowledgeable paving professionals in Somerset, PA give you peace of mind with a layout that meets all ADA compliance guidelines. Don’t worry about potential lawsuits or costly fines ever again—we’ve got you covered with our ADA compliant asphalt spaces.

Laurel Asphalt can help property owners make sure their lots and surfaces not only pass ADA inspection but also provide accessibility to everyone who visits – providing inclusive communities where no one is left behind! Browse our service offerings and contact us today to get started on your asphalt project in Somerset, PA!