What Does A Good Asphalt Paving Job Look Like?

What Does A Good Asphalt Paving Job Look Like?

Key Takeaways:

  • A good paving contractor will ensure proper thickness, use compaction techniques, and provide a smooth surface.
  • Water drainage and edge restraint are essential considerations for successful asphalt paving.
  • Detailed aspects and measurements must be taken into consideration for longevity and durability.
  • If you’re looking to hire a reputable paving contractor, make sure to research and ask for references.

You have decided to have your driveway or parking lot asphalt paved, and now you are wondering what a good paving job looks like. Not everyone is an expert in asphalt paving, so what should you be looking for to ensure a job well done?

Here at Laurel Asphalt, we believe a few key elements make for a successful asphalt paving project. Let’s see.

How to Know Your Asphalt Paving Was Good?

It can be difficult to know if your newly laid asphalt pavement job was done well when you’re not an expert. But fear not; we’re here to provide you with some key indicators of a good paving job.

1. Stable foundation

Foundation work in asphalt paving is crucial for long-term durability and stability. This includes compacting the subgrade, removing debris and roots, and adequately placing a base layer before paving. Without this integral factor, your asphalt pavement will not hold its integrity, and you can expect it to crumble and crack sooner rather than later. A compacted rock base and smooth, even asphalt surface are tell-tale signs of a solid foundation.

2. Pavement thickness

The thickness of the overlay can decide many things for your pavement. For starters, it directly affects its longevity and how well it can handle heavy traffic and weight. A thicker asphalt overlay also contributes to a smoother driving surface, which has some perks.

Consider its expected weight and traffic when deciding how thick to overlay your asphalt. To check if your paving contractor has done an excellent job, check your overlay to be between 2 and 4 inches thick, depending on the expected stress.

3. Water drainage

Standing water can lead to cracks and potholes in asphalt, so proper drainage is crucial for a good paving job. If the paving contractor has done well, you should see a slight slope to the asphalt surface, allowing water to run off efficiently. You can incorporate drainage systems under the asphalt to ensure proper water management with advanced techniques. And remember, it’s not just about saving your pavement from water but also about keeping the surrounding environment safe.

4. Edgework

A smooth transition is vital for a successful asphalt paving job, and that’s where edge work comes into play. This refers to how the edges of the asphalt meet with adjacent surfaces, such as concrete or curbs. The edges should be neat and precise, with no jagged edges sticking out. This incredible display of work says a lot about your asphalt pavement which now looks like a professional, well-put-together masterpiece.

5. Quality materials

Another aspect of a successful asphalt paving job is the quality of materials used. Using low-quality materials can lead to cracks, holes, and overall deterioration of the asphalt much sooner than expected. To ensure a stable paving job, always choose high-quality materials. You can inspect or inquire with your paving contractor about the materials they plan on using before starting the work or where they plan on sourcing them.

6. Using proper mix designs

Not all asphalt mix designs are created equal. Different mix designs have varying levels of durability and resistance to various weather conditions, traffic, and weight. Working with a paving contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable in selecting the appropriate mix design for your specific project needs is essential.

7. Details and measurements matter

Good asphalt paving involves precise measurements and attention to detail. This includes correctly measuring the thickness of the asphalt layers, accurately calculating the width and length of the pavement, and properly compacting the asphalt to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting finish. Once your asphalt pavement is complete, a smooth surface and clean edges are important indicators of quality work.

How to Hire a Good Paving Contractor?

You can do a few things before hiring a paving contractor to ensure you’re getting a quality job.

Check the contractor’s experience

Experience can’t be faked, so make it your duty to see how much experience your contractor has. You can ask them, check their website, or even ask for references from previous customers. Remember, the more adept and experienced they are, the better job they’ll do. So don’t get yourself mesmerized with only the lowest bid.

Check the contractor’s license and insurance

Checking if your paving contractor has proper licensure will help you choose a credible company and save you from potential fraud. You should also ensure that they have insurance, as it protects you and the contractor from any accidents or damages during the paving process. Now you will not be held liable for any accidents on the worksite.

Inquire about the materials they plan on using

Asphalt is not a one size fits all material. The type and quality of asphalt being used can significantly affect the longevity and durability of your pavement. Furthermore, the mix, thickness, and compaction of the asphalt affect how long your pavement will last. These characteristics also differ from client to client. For example, suppose you want your residential driveway to last 20 years. In that case, the asphalt mixture and compaction may be different than if you were paving a heavily trafficked road or commercial parking lot.

Check or ask for references

Just like any job, make sure you check out the paving contractor’s past work and references. Ask around your community for recommendations, and look for online reviews. A good paving contractor will have a solid reputation and a portfolio of successful projects.

Ending Note:

A good asphalt paving job should have a smooth surface, proper drainage and compaction, and longevity. Follow our tips and trust your gut to find a reliable contractor who will give you the best results for your project.

Speaking of a good contractor, Laurel Asphalt, serving Ligonier, PA, can get the job done right! We excel in residential and commercial asphalt paving and have been in business for over 25 years. Our experts follow a strict quality assurance program and only use top-notch materials for every project. Contact us for a free estimate today!